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Control and dominate

With the GP Bar we deliver a pro team designed 5 line bar for hard-core competition freestlye kiteboarders. It exceeds the international standards with its Quick Release which has an activation pressure of less than 10 kg at a 220 kg load that ensures you an easy one-handed release no matter how strong the kite pulls. The Quick Release is also highly resistant to false releases. An 8 mm depower line handles your commitment, so no need to worry: Go big!

The bar has a wide depower range which can be easily adjusted due to the clam cleat. You can trim the back lines to give you full power over your steering, allowing you to tune the bar for optimum performance.

We built the bar super tough to withstand any abuse. It was tested thorough in competitions by Gisela Pulido, Youri Zoon and Michael Schitzhofer. They all loved the new super sticky suede grip helping them to keep hold of their bar during their heats. The new GP bar gives you an optimum on control to dominate in every session!

Product features:

Our brand new Clam Cleat design, takes up less space, gives you more depower range and can be adjusted to fit any rider or riding style.
Replaceable low friction Delrin bar inserts help eliminate center line wear and hold the chickenloop rock steady when you ride unhooked.
.Two 4mm thick depower lines are braided together to form an indestructible 8mm wide depower line. There's no longer lasting or smoother running depower line available.
Push-to-release, easy to reassemble, resistant to false releases and built to last like no other. The Pro Cuff+ QR is tested to exceed all current international safety standards.

Product manual for Best GP bar V4: coming soon

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* Price includes bar, lines and kite leash.

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