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Conquer the Elements

The Roca is a wind range machine! From lightest breeze to the fiercest hurricane, a two kite quiver allows you to face any condition. You will shine in them. Going upwind was never easier, you can fully concentrate on jumping higher than ever while enjoying the incredible hang time for some old school moves. The steering is fast and direct, the bar pressure medium, relaunch and stability provide confidence. The quality of materials and manufacturing make the Roca last a lifetime. It also comes with our new inflation system and attachment points that enable you to pump, rig and launch the kite in no time! 

    Changes to previous model

  • ++Redefined wingtip shape for enhanced responsiveness and smoother turning
  • ++Redesigned leading edge shape for improved kite twist and stability
  • ++Fine tuned aspect ratio for more low-end power, lift and hangtime
  • ++Reworked trailing edge for smoother airflow and incredible durability
  • ++Industry leading Twist Lock Valve 2.0 inflation system for fastest in- and deflation
  • ++TPU bladder material made in Germany
  • ++New backline attachment points made of Spectra line for easier setup and durability


Jumping Ability

The Roca’s direct and fast steering combined with the medium to high aspect ratio results in what we call “build to boost”. Radical jumps have never been easier. The wide canopy furthermore acts as a parachute so the rider slowly descends back to the water in full control enjoying enough hang time to finish his tricks.


Even though the Roca is extremely grunty with a powerful pull, it can be easily tamed. Thanks to the delta shape with swept wing tips the kite has a precise and wide depower that follows the concept of “sheet and go”: Pull the bar and the kite instantly responds with power and pull. Let go of the bar and you are back in the comfort zone. Due to this design, the Roca is made for all conditions and even the harshest gusts and storms can be dealt with.


Performance and progression can only be achieved with gear that supports the rider. Therefore we designed the Roca not only with innovative safety features such as our 3D Foam Bridle Deflectors, ensured a remarkably easy relaunch but also built the kite as stable as possible. Trailing Edge Battens and our new contemporary Vibration Dampening System increase the profile stability while absorbing gusts by smoothing the transitions of power load onto the full canopy surface. No matter if in the midst of a kiteloop or while having the kite at 12, the Roca’s stability and responsiveness always ensures the highest level of confidence.

Low End

Due to the wide canopy and ultra light tri-strut design, the Roca is ignited by the softest breeze. The sizes 14 and 17 can be ridden in winds below 10 knots. Combined with the depower characteristics, the Roca covers a huge wind range. This also makes the Roca being your kite of choice for traveling, any two-kite-quiver will cover all conditions at most destinations.

Additional Information

The Roca is a four line kite and calibrated to fly best with the Best RP bar. It suits riders of all levels and comes with a kite sleeve, backpack, sticker set, pump nozzle and kite repair kit.


Product features:

With twice as many reinforcing fibers as standard canopy cloths our Double Core RS delivers twice the performance with enhanced durability so good we guarantee all our kites for life. It uses the latest available materials technology and is exclusive to Best.
Striving to make kiteboarding as safe as possible, we challenged existing designs of bridle deflectors. Our 3D deflectors made of soft and light foam effectively deflect bridles and tremendously reduce the risk of deathloops.
Rock solid stability and exceptional downwind drift come a standard with the Cabo's tri-strut design. Responsive steering and pivot turning let you find the perfect position on every wave.
Twist Lock Valve 2.0 This is the most reliable inflation system on the market ensuring effortless pumping with highest air flow. The hose connects directly to the valve, no need for a nozzle. In- and deflating was never easier and faster.

Riding style:


Wind range:

The Best ROCA Kite

All prices are inclusive of 15% VAT and can be subject to exchange rate and other fluctuations.

4m R 12 790.00
5m R 13 490.00
7m R 14 890.00
8m R 15 590.00
9m R 16 290.00
10m R 16 990.00
11m R 17 690.00
12m R 18 390.00
14m R 19 890.00
17m R 21 990.00

* Kite only price includes kite, sleeve, backpack, and small repair kit.


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