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Theory and Safety procedures, learning to fly a Power Kite, learning to set up and fly a Kitesurf specific kite on the beach, all aspects of kite flying including launching, landing and safety procedures. Possibility of body dragging, dependant on personal progress.

The best way to discover Kiteboarding! Discover kiteboarding and elevate your water sports experience! The IKO Kiteboarding programs are designed to help you learn in a safe way. Your IKO instructor will respect your rhythm and take you through all the steps to reach your goals. Your level will be certified with your IKO Kiteboarder Card at the end of your lesson, or you can move on to the next level of riding! Enjoy!

Once you have completed your first day, you can continue to the Second Day kite lesson.


Level 1A - Determine safe conditions for training site.
- Set-up the trainer kite* (inflatable or foil) and simulate us of its safety systems.
* kite that doesn't have enough power to make the student fall
Level 1B - Basic flying skills with trainer kite: control the kite on the edge of the wind window and use the power zone on request.
- Launch and land the kite with and without an assistant.
- Twist and untwist the lines while flying;
- Walk and change directions with the kite.

Level 1C - Set-up 4-line de-power kite incl. pre flight check and ground handling.
- Understands and use the international communication signs.
- Can assist for launching and landing.
- Can land the kite to an assistant.

Level 1D
- Control the kite hooked, understand the de-power system and use the safety release;
- Recover the bar and kite (self-landing, packdown).
- Advanced flying skills with the de-power** kite; manage the power.
**foil or inflatable kite that can easily be re-launched from the water.

Level 1E - Identify possible hazards while doing a spot assessment.
- Enter and exit the water independently and safe while controlling the kite with one hand.
- Can water re-launch a kite.
Level 1F:
-Body drag down wind in both directions while piloting the kite in the static zone (edge of Wind Window).
- Down wind body drag in both directions while piloting the kite in the dynamic zone (centre of Wind Window).
- Recover the bar and wind the lines on the bar to recover the kite.

All prices can be subject to exchange rate and other fluctuations. Below pricing is valid from 1 October 2016.

Day courses (6 hrs) 10h00 - 16h30 ZAR2800.00
Half Day courses
(3 hrs)
10h00 - 13h00
13h30 - 16h30
Private Half Day courses
(3 hrs)
10h00 - 13h00
13h30 - 16h30

* Above prices include tuition by an IKO qualified instructor and rental of ALL training equipment.
* Group prices/ discounts can apply, with minimum and maximum numbers being met.

If you want to book some days for lessons, please fill in the form below and we will contact you asap with availability and predicted weather conditions.

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(total ZAR2800.00)
(total ZAR5600.00)
3 Day course (total ZAR8400.00)
Half Day course (total ZAR1480.00)


*All lessons are subject to cancellation/re-arrangement at the discretion of the instructors. Safety of students and other beach users is considered paramount at all times.